To become the biggest, the best, and integrated company dispersed widely across South East Asia through knowledge-based business which creates educated, enlightened people for a prosper and equitable society in pluralism.


Consist of 5 characters which are known as 5C (Caring, Credible, Competent, Competitive, Customer Delight) and legitimated as guideline for the employees in thinking, behaving, and taking action.


This value is based on the Transcendental Humanism philosophy, which means humanity founded on the belief of the Omnipotent God who does all things.


This value is based on the philosophy that a working individual always functions in the social dimension, demanding reciprocity from his environment. By fulfilling his responsibility with discipline, sincerely, consistently and professionally, he will gain credibility (can be trusted and be relied upon).


This value is based on the philosophy that in this modern era where nothing is stable, what is needed is the courage to face challenges – showing the Adversity Quotient that enables a person to change a threat into opportunity, to continue to grow and adapt his competitive edge.


This value is based on the philosophy that in this uncertain modern era, bravery is required to face challenges. Indicating adversity quotient to turn threats into opportunities, to always be developed and competitive oriented.


This value is based on the principle of delighting customers by providing service that surpasses their expectations.


The Root (underground, the foundation that upholds the tree of life): a symbol of good character, care, credibility and attitude.
The Trunk, Branches and Leaves (above ground, the proof of the tree of life’s uprightness): a symbol of professionalism (competent, competitive) that produces customer delight.
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