“There is no greater pride than when we take part in educating our country.“

The presence of Kompas Gramedia cannot be separated from its long history of aspiring to educate the nation. Since the publication of Intisari magazine on 17 August 1963, followed by Kompas Daily newspaper on 28 June 1965, Kompas Gramedia has continued to develop its business units until today.

Employing 22,000 people spread throughout Indonesia, Kompas Gramedia is not only present as a business entity, but also as a direct contributor in building individuals, whether those employed by us or the greater society who enjoy the products and services of Kompas Gramedia.

In our 50-year plus journey since 1963, Kompas Gramedia has had many noble aspirations. Kompas Gramedia will continue to improve the quality of our products and services in order to support the country’s development.
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